Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sesame Street Party Update- Rant, Rant, Rant!!!!

Ok here's the sitch! Being as though this is my first personalized party I see that I have a lot to learn. My first thought of "oh I can do this myself" has long gone out of the window and now I'm back tracking. Last night as I proceeded to put the printables together I realized how much help I'm going to need. Before I get to the nonsense lets take a look at all the things that I have prepared for this party or will be preparing:

  • Tutu
  • Personalized T-Shirt
  • Hair bows
  • Banner
  • Invitations
  • cupcake toppers
  • water bottle labels
  • a number of other printables
  • cake pops
  • marshmallow pops
  • candy covered treats
This is just to name a few, everything isn't named but you get the point. I took on a lot, every time I would say that I was getting someone to make something for me, I would hear oh you can do that yourself or I will help. Where is all the HELP!!!! Well I did get some help, and that came in the form of my little cousin. "Bless her heart", seeing that phrase you know this is when the nonsense starts. I asked her to cut out and assemble my banner for the party. Me having a vision of what is going on and what is should look like was lost in translation to her because I didn't tell her exactly how to punch the holes in and where they should go. I guess I should have been more specific, but I assumed to much. Let's just say that there are two too many holes in each of my pennants, I plan on taking pictures of this party as this is my first. But I will be improvising. Hopefully everything will work out. Okay, well that's the end of this rant this time, I'm sure with upcoming events I'll be back. Now back to your regularly scheduled party blog. 

P.S. I will be updating you with my frustrations as well so you can get the feel of what it takes to put these parties together with me. Hope you enjoy it and find some humor in my PAIN... Keep the party going!

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