Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Fall brings a lot of emotions for me: panic, excitement, and borderline depression because of all the craziness and happenings that occur during the colder months. I'm always in a state of constant unrest for one reason or the other, maybe because I'm always preparing for something. This year has brought a lot of things to me good and bad and I'm grateful for them all. So with that said I've taken on a lot of projects and I really didn't realize what I was doing to be honest. First project is a craft project for one of my new favorite people. She's an elementary teacher and her and her family do so much for me and mine I decided I was going to make her this for her class:

My second Project is I want to open up my own Etsy store, in my store I plan on having t-shirts, tutus, pants, and accessories for kids to go along with my party planning items. No paper products as of yet. But this is a slow start as well. But I guess anything worth having is worth the time and effort. But watch out for us in the next coming month, we plan to knock your socks off.

Here's the wreath tutorial:

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