Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr.!!!!

Happy MLK day to all of my fellow human beings. Just like Martin Luther King I have a dream that one day my little girls will get the same opportunities as other little girls but mostly little boys. And although we have come along way we still as the human race have a long way to go. I hate to believe that it's so passe in this day and age to be a fighter to be respectful, and to have some class, but I've seen it first hand and it's hard to say anything to the younger generation without them wanting to retaliate because their little egos have been put in place. I dream that this is a phase in life and all the gangs and bullies, and cyber-gangsters will turn over a new leaf. But until that time I will continue to raise my little girls to be respectful and educated little girls so that they won't fall and if they do will have a cushion to fall on.

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