Thursday, February 9, 2012

Taylor's "Justin Bieber" 7yr old Birthday Party - part 1

Hip Hip Hooray! The day finally came where we where throwing the last party (until my daughter turns 13) for Taylor. This was good one too, it was another opportunity for me to show off my skills. My daughter like every other little girl in America is obsessed with Justin Beiber and so the party theme was born. I had a vision in my mind way before this particular party even came to, however once her father got involved all of that went out the door. The party however still went well and the two employees of PeeWee's 'N Pinwheels worked their booties off to make sure it was gorgeous, take a look.


The craft table was also a labor of love as well as the balloon display above it. We blew up the balloons ourselves because it was in the middle of the night and the machine would have made way to much noise, and I say labor because there is only two things on it that I envisioned. But you win some and you lose some and what's important is the kids had fun, take a look.

Look at all the party goers creating their t-shirts... we had some true artists at this soiree!

The party was a hit and everyone participated in the Wii dance games and was singing their little hearts out. Look out for part 2 to see all the festivities.

Here's the Birthday Girl


Printables & Baked goods: PeeWee's N' Pinwheels
Mini cake Bunting: The Tomkat Studio
Photo Props: Oh Happy Day
Rockstar backdrop and Justin Beiber decor: Party City

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