Monday, March 18, 2013

While I was away.

Hello Pinwheelers

I know its been awhile and while I was away I've been learning new skills. I'm trying to upgrade my tutu's so here's step one in that direction.

The first thing I've ever sewn with a sewing machine.

It's a tissue cozy.

So my absence has not been in vain and I'll be back with my goods sooner than later.

Product of the Week: Having A Minnie Mouse Party???

Having a Minnie Mouse Party, here's a great tutu to wear to the special day. Here's a completely free party to go along with this spectacular tutu that you may purchase from my etsy store (see side panel).

Peonies and Poppyseeds have an entire Minnie Mouse Party Printable set. Click the link.

Use google to print out pics for centerpieces.

DIY a Minnie Mouse cake.

Here's my homemade Minnie Mouse cake.

and cupcakes

DIY party bags

DIY Minnie Headbands

DIY Cake Pops


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